ElleMove CBD Chews
ElleMove CBD Chews
ElleMove CBD Chews
ElleMove CBD Chews

ElleMove CBD Chews

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I have been using ElleVet for 3 years now and have seen a huge improvement in my senior large breed dogs, one of whom was born with severe hip dysplasia.  They now offer even more curated products for specific issues and we will begin shipping these pre-orders out mid to late April!

The product for dogs who are experiencing joint discomfort and stiffness or any kind of ongoing discomfort.

There is no better product for discomfort than elleMove, and this CBD + CBDA formula has been tested in a clinical trial at Cornell University College of Veterinary
Medicine. Over 80% of dogs on elleMove show a dramatic improvement in mobility, happiness and quality of life!

How do you know if your dog needs elleMove? If you answer yes to any of the below questions then this is the product for your dog.
1 Does your dog struggle to get up from his bed?
2 Does your dog have a hard time going up stairs?
3 Does he isolate himself or show less interest in toys or playfulness?
4 Has he stopped doing some of the things he used to enjoy?
It might not be age causing these issues, it might be discomfort, and we want to help your dog find his inner puppy! Try our peanut butter chews and get ready to play!

for dogs under 50 pounds
for dogs over 50 pounds
5-25 lbs
26-50 lbs
0.5 chew, morning & night
1 chew, morning & night
51-75 lbs
76-100 lbs
101+ lbs
1 chew, morning & night
1.5 chews, morning & night
2 chews, morning & night