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ElleVet CBD Chews

ElleVet CBD Chews

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The expiration date given on these bags is March 2021, hence the major markdown.  They are still good through March after for at least a year but will only be available here through the end of the month.  Try them at a major steal or stock up!


These chews are 4 grams each.  If your dog is over 50lbs you can use these as well; see the size chart to figure out the large dog dosage as those chews are 6 grams each.


Hemp CBD+CBDA for Dogs Under 50 lbs

Proprietary Complete-Spectrum Cannabinoid & Terpene Support for:

  • Joint Function

  • Comfort

  • Mobility

ElleVet Small Dog Chews are a supplement designed for dogs under 50 pounds. These CBD dog chews are made in a size that delivers the right amount of active ingredient for smaller dogs. Our hemp chews are soft and come in a peanut butter flavor that makes it easy for your dog to love them. Each one contains our proprietary plant hemp oil and terpene blend to support your dog’s mobility and includes added glucosamine. This gentle and effective, total-support product is endorsed by vets who’ve tested them in one of the country’s leading veterinarian schools.


Dosage guide

Weight Week 1 Week 2
Up to 25lbs 1 chew, AM & PM 0.5 chew, AM & PM
25-50lbs 2 chews, AM & PM

1 chew, AM & PM

50lbs +       3 chews, AM & PM

1.5 chew, AM & PM

*If needed, return to week 1 dosing for additional support*

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: ElleVet™ Proprietary Hemp Oil Blend, Glucosamine.

INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Peanut Butter, Rice Bran, Brewer’s Yeast, Water, Glycerin, Sweet Potato, Sugar, Molasses, Rice Starch, Potato Starch, Guar Gum, Sorbic Acid, Tapioca Starch, Pea Protein Digest, Natural Prebiotic.

CANNABINOIDS: 620mg per bag.

CONTAINS: Peanuts.

Does not contain: Wheat or soy.